Emotions take us to a place.
It can be a journey down a pathway
or a crescendo of energy like a burst in the sky.
The land is insignificant.
Its relativity to the heavens makes it insignificant
and something that man can dismantle,
but not the sky.
The sky is raw and wild.
A different show every day, changing every minute,
a power that is to be respected.
Colorful and grand, ferocious but with the capacity in an instant,
to be calm and serene.
It takes my breath away.
I’m in awe of the heavens above and the maestro who conducts those
incredible, unforgettable operas I see for free every day.
I pay homage to this maestro in my work
and offer a humble glimpse of a second in time
that I was fortunate to remember and capture with my brush.